National Centre

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For telephone enquiries call our National Centre on
(03) 9712 2777 or your nearest state office.
Location: 70 Graham Road, Kangaroo Ground, VIC 3097
Fax: (03) 9712 2799
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New South Wales / Australian Capital Territory

Contact ACT
Please contact the Wycliffe National Centre for all ACT enquires. Phone: (03) 9712 2777

Meet the team

Sydney area

Martin & Maureen Borrows
Church engagement in the Sydney area

Len & Gill Allwright
Representatives and Member care

Northern & Central NSW

Robert and Margaret Love



Qld regional office

QLD – Contact Tim & Sharon Lithgow

Tim and Sharon have worked in PNG for nearly 20 years, Tim initially as a helicopter and aeroplane pilot, then in senior leadership of the branch in PNG; Sharon in departmental finance and office management. They are filling this role until returning to PNG in mid 2016. They are based in Toowoomba but will be visiting Brisbane often.

Phone: 0419708007 (Tim) 0407476129 (Sharon)
Office: (07) 3256 1803

Meet the team
South East QLD – Contact Keith Benn

Keith & Kathie Benn —Representatives,
Proshikkhon Coordinator and Member Care.

Far North QLD- Contact Kathy Snook

Kathy Snook and her husband have worked with Wycliffe for over 20 years in administration and management
roles in the Pacific and Australia. They are now based in Cairns and are keen to promote the work of Bible translation in Far North Queensland. Phone: 0409 978 722

North QLD – Contact Alan and Faye Canavan

alan & fayeAlan and Faye have been with Wycliffe since 1986. They worked on translation and literacy in PNG for 20
years and are now based in Townsville. Alan also serves as a linguistic consultant for SIL Pacific area and

Faye is also involved in Member Care.
Phone: (07) 47554348
mobile: 0421659230 (Alan) 0431510250 (Faye)

South Australia

Contact Mark and Lorene
Originally from South Australia, Mark and Lorene joined Wycliffe in 2003. They served in Papua New Guinea as Regional Operations Managers in Lae for 5 years, as Associate Directors in Ukarumpa for 4 years and then ended their time in PNG serving as Port Moresby Operations Manager and Government Relations officer in 2014. They have since served in Member Care at the Wycliffe National Centre.

Mark and Lorene can be contacted on 0437 429 451 (Mark) and 0418 675 422 (Lorene) or via Email


Tasmania – Contact  Noel Carpenter 
Noel and Catharine Carpenter have been with Wycliffe since 2004, in northern Australia and Papua New Guinea – Noel as a pilot and Catharine as an adult literacy specialist. During 2016 and 2017, Noel will work part-time as Wycliffe Australia’s Tasmanian State Representative.

If you’re in Tasmania and would like to connect with Noel or have him speak at your church or group, give him a call on 0455 476 292 or email him at


Vicro team – Contact Vicro

Change my address/contact details: Email Form

Vicro team
At our Victorian state office we have an enthusiastic team who would love to journey with you as you engage with God’s will for your life. Please feel free to contact our office on 9712 2777.

David Wake – Victorian Regional Office Co-ordinator
Eva McMaster – Victorian Representative
Jeannie Bowen – Victorian Representative/Admin

Western Australia

ContactDarrell & Margaret Thatcher

margaret & darrellWhile serving in Vanuatu as teachers in a Bible College, Darrell and Margaret saw first hand the need for Bible translation. They are now actively involved in a multi-cultural congregation where they are constantly reminded of the benefits of having the Bible in people’s heart languages. They continue to support Bible translation through their work as Regional Co-ordinators for Wycliffe in WA and seek to encourage people to get involved.

Phone: (08) 9243 0486

Korean Diaspora Ministry

Contact – Chul-Hwa Chung

Mr + Mrs ChungI completed translating the New Testament into the Kuot language of Papua New Guinea in 2002. Frankly, the blessing wasn’t only for the Kuot people but especially for myself as a translator and for my wife as a literacy specialist. We have experienced His amazing presence and timely guidance on the way to completion: ‘God loves Bible translators as much as the unreached.’ This thrilling experience drives us further to mobilize bible translators from among the Korean Diaspora.
0433 717 687(CH), 0433 287 538(KJ)
Phone: (02) 9787 7687