There are several ways you can contribute financially to the work of Bible translation, literacy and Scripture use.

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For international giving, please give online via credit card or the Wycliffe organisation in your country. Contact our finance office to discuss this option.

It’s about partnership

Wycliffe members raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and individual supporters. The amount of support required is based on the cost of living in their assigned country and work-related expenses.

But this isn’t just about giving money. A partnership and friendship may develop over time. The Wycliffe member you support will provide you with ongoing information about their work via letters, emails or personal visits. Your church may already be committed to supporting a particular Wycliffe member, and members will visit supporting churches when in Australia.

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Peter & Fleur

8-boal-familyPeter and Fleur are committed to working with the broader team to assist the global work of Bible translation. They will do this by leading ‘Into Africa’ and other short-term trips designed as taste-and-see and service opportunities. Pray for or support Peter & Fleur

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Nathan & Libby

8-nathanlibbybinns-excerptNathan and Libby (Elizabeth) live in Perth. They are planning to be involved in Bible translation somewhere in southern Africa. Pray for or support Nathan & Libby

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Aidan & Alfinda

8-herman-pd-family-photoThrough college Aidan was convinced that he would give his life to the ministry of God’s Word. Alfinda’s faith grew exponentially through university ministry and she desired to be part of God’s kingdom work. They are pursuing their call to Bible translation work in a minority language. Pray for or support Aidan & Alfinda

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8-huglin-pd-card-photo-excerptApryl provides member care through the Personnel Department at Wycliffe’s National Centre. This includes offering encouragement, support, practical and spiritual guidance and debriefing to members both on the field and whilst on furlough. Pray for or support Apryl

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David & Lilian

david-lilian-joshua-photothmDavid is from Sydney and is currently completing his studies at Morling College. His wife Lilian is from Brazil and has been working for a number of years with Wycliffe in a country in South-East Asia. They met in that country when David was … – Pray for or Support David and Lilian

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Andrew & Denielle

and-den-fam150hAndrew and Denielle Walsh are from Sydney. They have worked with Voice of the Martyrs in Australia and New Zealand as well as with a number of other organisations and churches. They have been invited to join the staff at Faith International Academy, a school for… – Pray for or Support Andrew and Denielle

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Marc & Joey

Marc-Jo_fam150Computers help enormously with Bible translation. However, simply getting the Scriptures typed remains a significant challenge for many languages. For the last 20 years, a tiny Australian company, founded by Marc Durdin, has been providing … – Pray for or Support Marc and Joey

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Nat & Sally-Ann

nat-sallya-famNat and Sally-Ann are from Sydney where Nat studied at Sydney Missionary and Bible College and worked with MentAC, a cross-cultural ministry apprenticeship under CMS Australia. Before that, Nat completed an honours degree in Ancient Greek and then worked in a call centre. Sally-Ann works in a … – Pray for or Support Nat and Sally-Ann

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Making a Bequest to Wycliffe Bible Translators

Our Part
Wycliffe Australia is part of the Wycliffe Global Alliance which believes that all peoples should have access to God’s Word in their own language and we pray and work to that end.

Your Part
For over 60 years the Lord has provided for Wycliffe Australia through the gifts of His people like you. With over 2000 Bible translation projects in progress and an estimated 1800 new translation projects still to start, we continue to trust the Lord to provide into the future. Your generosity could make all the difference to funding a crucial aspect of a Bible translation project. Leaving Wycliffe a gift in your will is greatly appreciated.

Different ways you can support Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia

The following paragraph is recommended as the text for inclusion in a will.

I give and bequeath to Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia the sum of $_____ to be paid free of duty and applied for the purpose of Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia.
I declare that the receipt of the respective treasurer or other proper officer of the nominated beneficiary will be a full discharge to my trustees who shall not be obliged to see the application thereof.

If you are unsure about the process, we recommend consulting a professional advisor for guidance, especially if the bequest involves stock or property that may require more involved planning.

A gift can take the form of:

  • the residue of the estate
  • a percentage of the estate
  • a specific amount of money
  • a life insurance or superannuation policy
  • assets such as shares, property, works of art, etc
  • an investment in perpetuity

If you have any questions regarding a bequest to Wycliffe please feel at liberty to contact the CEO, Barry Borneman.

EMAIL: Contact the CEO or the Finance Manager
ADDRESS: Finance Office, 70 Graham Road, Kangaroo Ground VIC 3097
PHONE: (03) 9712 2777
FAX: (03) 9712 2799
ABN: 22 004 705 953

Gifts for the following Australian Taxation office approved SILA funds are tax deductible. SILA (Summer Institute of Linguistics Australia) is the organisation which provides Wycliffe members with cross-cultural training. Visit the SILA website for more information.

1. Overseas Aid and Development
class2Tax-deductible gifts may be made to the SILA Overseas Aid and Development Fund for approved overseas aid and development programs. The OADF provides funding for SIL International approved language development projects in a range of countries. Funds are raised in partnership with World Relief Overseas Aid Fund. SILA complies with WRA’s Code of Conduct, which includes ‘A commitment to help people in need in developing countries irrespective of nationality, race, gender, political conviction or religious belief’, and not to use funds designated for the purposes of relief and development ‘…to promote a particular religious adherence…’ (WRA Code of Conduct link).

2. SIL School Building Fund
Gifts to the SIL School Building Fund support development of the cross-cultural training facilities of SIL Australia, located at the Wycliffe National Centre, Kangaroo Ground.

3. Language Development Scholarship Fund
Gifts made to the Language Development Scholarship Fund assist students at SILA by reducing their training expenses.

Payment methods:

  1. Credit Card
  2. Direct Debit: Online Form (under General Donation) or Download and fill in the form for direct debit from bank account or credit card
  3. Cheques or Money Orders: Make out to ‘SIL Australia’ and post to SIL Australia, 70 Graham Rd, Kangaroo Ground VIC 3097
  4. Contact: Email or ring (03) 9712 2777 for more information.


Another way you can support Wycliffe is through your choice of funeral director. Established by Wycliffe in 1996, Bethel Funerals began as a way to generate funds for missions while ministering to grieving families.

To date, Bethel have put back over $2,000,000 to support mission workers and organisations whilst ministering to over 9,000 families. As a not-for-profit company they are also able to actively invest part of their professional services fee back into mission, humanitarian and community work. So when you use Bethel, not only will the funeral service honour your loved one, but they will also be honoured with a legacy that can make a real contribution. A legacy that leaves behind more than memories.

Pre-paid Funerals
You may wish to consider pre-paying your funeral. Make an appointment to meet with one of Bethel’s consultants and they will help you arrange your funeral service, recording how you would like to be remembered. Doing this can help ease the emotional and financial burden on your family when the time does come. Pre-paying a funeral locks in your service at today’s prices, so your family will have no more to pay at the time.

Support Bethel
Give one of Bethel’s friendly consultants a call to discuss the various options offered.
QUEENSLAND – 07 3219 9333
VICTORIA – 03 9873 8866


Multiplying your giving to Wycliffe Australia

Steer logo 96 DPI

Founded in 1961, Steer Incorporated is an Australian not-for-profit charitable organisation. Steer’s motto is ‘strengthening the causes you love’ and it does this by using its income tax exempt status to assist mission supporters to enhance their giving to missions.

Steer is able to assist people who are currently using, or would like to use, the income from their assets to support mission or outreach work overseas or in Australia, including:

  • people with small or large amounts of money for investment
  • farmers growing crops or raising livestock
  • owners of rental properties
  • people with family trusts

The concept of Steer is simple. The mission supporter places their assets with Steer for as long as they wish, and Steer then uses these resources to generate income which is distributed to mission work. The supporter who has placed their assets with Steer is invited to suggest where the income raised is distributed. Because Steer is income tax exempt, 100% of the funds raised are able to be distributed to mission work.

For example, a mission supporter invests some money in an Interest-Free Loan with Steer. The interest earned by Steer on the money is then available for distribution to one or more mission organisations suggested by the supporter.

As another example, a farmer may lease a paddock to Steer and then raise crops for Steer on the land on a share farming basis. The full share of the income from the crop earned by Steer is available for distribution to missions.

In each of these cases, the gift to the mission is increased by between 23 and 94 per cent, depending on the tax rate normally paid by the supporter.

Many Wycliffe supporters around Australia already use Steer to enhance their giving to mission and outreach work. There is potential for many more to multiply their gifts the same way.


For more information about Steer Incorporated

Steer Web Site:
Post: PO Box 211, Box Hill VIC 3128 Australia
Phone: 03 9899 6413