Did you know that you already have the skills needed to make a big difference in training mother-tongue translators in South Asia?


These are exciting times for Bible translation in South Asia. After Christian leaders in one country cried out for help, a new wave of mother-tongue translator training began.

Passionate pastors want their congregations to have good teaching, but the Bible hasn’t been translated into their language yet. Thankfully, God is raising up people to be trained as mother-tongue translators.

One of the biggest challenges for these translators is that they are not able to read Bible commentaries and dictionaries because they are all in English. Wycliffe Australia is responding to this need by sending a team every four months to teach English to the mother-tongue translators so that they are better equipped to access theological resources.

You can make a very significant contribution to the training of mother-tongue translators in South Asia by giving a few weeks to teach them English. At the same time, you’ll get a first-hand look at what Bible translation looks like on the ground in a fascinating culture.

india (1)Dates: There are three trips planned for 2017:

13 March – 6 April
19 June – 13 July
11 September – 5 Oct

Cost: Approximately $2850 (including air travel, food, accommodation, visa and travel insurance)
Contact: bdprayercoordinator@gmail.com