• 28 December

    Proshikkhon aims to help pastors to become better equipped ministers of the gospel through running a practical two week seminar…

  • Did you know that you already have the skills needed to make a big difference in training mother-tongue translators in South Asia? These are exciting times for Bible translation in South Asia. After Christian leaders in one country cried out for help, a new wave of mother-tongue translator training began. Passionate pastors want their congregations […]

  • Bible storytelling is a skill that will help ordinary Christians… Several dates and locations to choose from.

  • This workshop is held in Brisbane. For other Qld Bible Storytelling events see adjacent entry.

  • Join us for time of ministry, outback adventure and discovery for young adults. Jun/ July every year.

  • Spending time with Polish believers will give you lots of opportunities to learn from them and be an encouragement to them. Discover how God’s Word in their language…

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