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There are so many great ways you can contribute to the world of mission. Everyone’s journey is unique, so we’ve listed a few steps you might find helpful.
It helps to talk to someone, whether it is a family member, friend, mentor or pastor. It’s also a good idea to include someone who has some experience in the area that you are hoping to explore, like another missionary.

  • Have a coffee with one of our Wycliffe representatives. They would love to get to know your story and prayerfully journey with you. Contact the Wycliffe representative in your state.
  • Come to one of our Coffee Conversations and meet others who share an interest in cross-cultural ministry.

Want to find out more about Wycliffe?

Get to know what Wycliffe is all about.

  • Go on one of our short-term trips 
  • Take part in a language learning taste test course to find out if translation and language-related work is a potential path for you.
  • Test if cross-cultural ministry is for you by giving one of our internships a go. We currently offer a Project Video internship and a joint MTS-Wycliffe apprenticeship.

Want something more?

  • Launch (previously SILA Summer School) is a six-week intensive course held in January and February each year. It equips you for any kind of cross-cultural work with skills in language learning and cultural awareness which will be valuable whether or not you end up serving in a mission organisation.
  • Short-term experiences longer than a month may be available – contact the Wycliffe representative in your state if you would like to discuss this option. Read more about Sam and Marita’s one year experience in PNG here

Short-term trips are a great way to ‘test the waters’ and get to know what Wycliffe is all about. Check out the following trips

Teaching English – March, June, September

You can make a significant contribution to the training of mother-tongue translators in South Asia by giving a few weeks to teach them English. At the same time, you’ll get a first-hand look at what Bible translation looks like on the ground in a fascinating culture.

Taste & See Trip (Central Asia)- April

Taste and See will provide the opportunity to pull back the curtain to experience life on the ground, watch a language team in action, visualize a potential assignment, ask questions, explore options and see for yourself.

MAD Australia Trip – June/July

On the MAD trip, you will have the opportunity to visit two Aboriginal communities where Bible translation is taking place. See for yourself the great impact that having God’s Word in their own language is having on their lives. Learn cross- cultural communication skills and put them into practice with Aboriginal people as you encouraging one another in your faith.

MAD Poland Trip – September

This particular MAD mission trip will take you to the heart of Europe. Three beautiful Polish cities: Krakow, Opole and Warszawa are on the itinerary. Spending time with Polish believers will give you lots of opportunities to learn from them and be an encouragement to them. Discover how God’s Word in their language has greatly impacted their lives. Take advantage of this opportunity to use your gifts in a cross-cultural setting and grow in love with the people you meet.

Work Teams

Use your skills to help with tasks that will allow field workers to focus on their primary responsibility of translating the Word of God.

Want something more?

Short-term experiences longer than a month may be available – contact the Wycliffe representative in your state if you would like to discuss this.

verlaansAt a time in their lives when God was challenging them about mission, Sam and Marita Verlaan were moved to action by a sermon on Hebrews 11 and a Facebook advertisement.

After completing Launch in 2015, Sam and Marita headed to Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea, for a year. Sam’s skills as a diesel mechanic and Marita’s organisational and teaching skills were put to good use in their respective roles.

Through their short-term experience, Sam and Marita learned that being effective in cross-cultural ministry depends on building relationships. They are grateful for the friends they made and for the way God opened their eyes to what He is doing in the world.

Read about Sam & Marita’s short-term experience here

We currently offer two internships which give you the opportunity to try out cross-cultural ministry and determine whether it is for you.

Project Video internship


If you have a passion for media and a heart for unreached people groups, a Project Video internship could be just the thing for you. A great short-term opportunity to be immersed in a foreign culture, gain real missions experience, share your skills, and take the road less travelled. 

MTS-Wycliffe apprenticeship

This new joint venture between Ministry Training Strategy (MTS) and Wycliffe Australia allows people people interested in exploring full-time ministry to get a feel for mission work in both church and cross-cultural ministry contexts under the supervision of an experienced Wycliffe mentor. 

Tree Tops Lodge Cairns

is dedicated to glorify God by providing accommodation facilities with a Christian atmosphere for missionaries and those interested in supporting missions.

Through God’s miraculous provision, Tree Tops Lodge Cairns motel was purchased in 1992 as a joint venture between Mission Aviation Fellowship and Wycliffe Bible Translators. Since then it has played a vital role in supporting missionary work in the Pacific.

Tree Tops operates as a fully functioning motel and endeavours to provide a professional, yet caring and supportive atmosphere. Many of our guests work in Pacific countries and stay with us when they are in Cairns for medical emergencies or treatment, awaiting the birth of a baby or when they need respite or counselling. Tree Tops also provides a place where people can stay when they are working or studying. Many supporters of missionaries make Tree Tops their home Tree Topswhilst in Cairns.

The wider Christian community and the general public are also welcome to stay and enjoy our peaceful, relaxing environment.

Visit the Tree Tops Lodge Cairns website for more information.

Below are some comments from guests who have stayed at Tree Tops:

“Thank you so much for the help that you have been to us during our stay here. We are so glad we made the decision to stay in Australia and get rested up before heading to PNG!”

“Thank you so very much for all you’ve done for us over the past 6 weeks. Wow! It’s felt like a bit of a home for us! Sad to go but refreshed at least for another journey ahead.”

“We had an amazing time here. We are so thankful for Tree Tops. We can never thank you enough.”

“Thank you for the kindness and hospitality you have shown each time we front up on the doorstep of Tree Tops Lodge.”

“Thank you all so much for the wonderful stay. The facilities have been great and we sure have appreciated your hospitality.”

“It has been a tremendous blessing to us to be able to stay here while we waited for our daughter’s birth. You all do so much to make a stay here so restful and relaxing.”

Work Teams volunteers use their God-given talents and skills to support translators in the field. Every day, Bible translators the world over find themselves pulled away from their primary responsibility—translating the Word of God—to deal with tasks that, while important, can be accomplished by others. For example,

  • construction and/or building maintenance,
  • administration and bookkeeping,
  • airstrip maintenance,
  • teaching,
  • being house parents for missionary kids,
  • vehicle repairs,
  • in fact, pretty much anything at all!

You can help with these things, either by joining a Work Team for 3-4 weeks, or serving for longer periods as an Associate for up to 2 years. Whether you are young or retired – or anywhere in-between – volunteering as an Associate or joining a Work Team is a great way to serve God and support mission around the world.

For more information contact Jeanette Bennett or Peter & Yvonne Gillespie.

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Pray with Us

Prayer changes things. A few people devoted to prayer can do what no army, no parliament could ever do.

Join us in praying for the resources, wisdom and discernment needed to fulfil God’s vision in this Bible translation ministry.

There are a number of ways you can be a part of our prayer team by joining a prayer group near you or receiving any or all of the following:

  • Prayer Words, a monthly publication with up-to-date fuel for Australian Wycliffe prayer supporters
  • Host a prayer meeting on Wycliffe World Day of Prayer, 11 November
  • Prayer updates from individual members
  • 60 Days of Prayer – pray through six themes relating to the Wycliffe’s work.
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