In this spring edition of Wycliffe Today, Barry Borneman, Wycliffe Australia CEO shares his thoughts on the direction the Lord is leading Wycliffe. In particular Barry shares his focus on connecting prayer, funding, and the development of Bible translation organisations and local translators in the countries where Wycliffe Australia works.

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Lighting a Fire through Prayer, Funding & Developing People

light-a-fire-webBible translation is a worldwide work of the church that has been gathering pace over the last 60 years. It is a fire that has started to burn but still needs an accelerant to fan the flame further. So what is the unique role that Australia can play in fuelling this fire? Read more

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Taking the Next Step: Wycliffe Australia’s new initiative

footsteps-photo-by-janeen-michie-web-compressedIn recent years I have been asking my colleagues, ‘What is the next step that you, your staff or organisation must take to continue your contribution to the Bible translation movement?’ It’s a question that lies at the core of Wycliffe Australia’s Next Step Development initiative. Read more

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Barton’s journey as BTA Business Manager

4-barton-maino-close-upSince assuming the role of Business Development Manager at PNG BTA in May 2015, it has been a very challenging and rewarding journey for Barton Maino. The path that they are now taking to fundraise is a new initiative at BTA and they have had to overcome so many challenges to be where they are now. Read more

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Investing in People: The Impact of Training

4-watering-excerptThank you to those who have supported the training of the T* team in literacy, community health and Bible translation. Read some responses from young people who participated in the July workshops. Read more

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Walking in their shoes

6-walking-market-webIt is easy to become absorbed in the ministry of Bible translation, with targets to make and goals to meet. But the truth is, people are our ministry. They are the reason we are here. Read more

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What is the kingdom & how does it come?

7-nimboran-translation-team-l-r-nehemiah-regina-agustinus-webAs the Nimboran mother- tongue translators drafted the Lord’s Prayer together, they had to grapple with what each line actually means in order to express it clearly in their language – a ‘literal’ translation would make little sense. The compressed language of ‘your kingdom come’ proved difficult. Read more

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Update from Kartidaya

Director Marnix Riupassa believes in a holistic approach to Bible translation. He says, ‘When we look at Bible translation, it’s not just about how we translate the Bible but about the mission to create a fruitful impact… We are trying to help every community realise that they are the subject, not the object, of God’s mission and in the Bible translation project.’ Read more

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I know a place to go and pray

8-prayer-chapel-web The Wycliffe prayer chapel is set aside so that you can come and focus on Jesus. The door is open to all. The vision is to now extend the place for prayer and reflection beyond the walls of the chapel and create a sanctuary garden. Read more

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Barry & Marg Borneman

The Wycliffe Board recently asked me to consider extending my term as CEO. I had previously indicated that after 10 years of service, it was perhaps time to provide opportunity for others to lead this very unique organisation. The Board asked me to reconsider because the world of Bible translation and cross-cultural ministry is undergoing significant change. Experienced leadership is critical at this stage in order for Wycliffe Australia to continue to adapt to these changes and take up new opportunities.

As I prayerfully considered the request, I felt that any extension of my term needed to be for a very specific purpose. So, for my next phase as CEO, I will focus on specifically connecting prayer, funding, and the development of Bible translation organisations and local translators in the countries where we work. With this in mind I have accepted the Board’s request. In this edition of Wycliffe Today I share with you further on my thoughts on the direction the Lord is leading Wycliffe.

Barry Borneman
Wycliffe Australia CEO

Wycliffe World Day of Prayer: 11 November

On 11 November 1933, Wycliffe founder Cameron Townsend and his friend L.L. Legters were finally able to cross the border
into Mexico after God answered their specific prayers for entry. Since then, Wycliffe has set aside 11 November to remember the integral place prayer plays in all that we do.

Join us this November by praying personally or with your prayer group. Prayer material has been made available on Wycliffe Global Alliance’s site

appeal-copy-webThe vision for Bible translation is growing in the very countries in which Wycliffe Australia members first went to serve. An enlarged shared vision has emerged for local people to take the lead in the Bible translation movement in their own country and language.

What was once a dream of Wycliffe Australia is now becoming a reality. Our role now is to come alongside, mentor, and encourage local people and organisations.

This strategic new initiative combines intercessory prayer and financial support for our partner organisations and churches working to translate God’s Word in South Asia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and several other countries. This includes 200 current translation projects!

We are inviting people to be a part of it in one of two equally important ways. Firstly, we seek 1,000 people with a heart for intercessory prayer to receive regular email updates and commit to praying for our family in Christ who represent the new advance in Bible translation. Watch this video to find out more about these prayer updates you will receive From the Prayer Chapel.

Secondly, based on the high priority of this initiative, Wycliffe Australia has assigned an ambitious budget of $300,000 to this project for 2017. We are inviting those who believe that mobilising and strengthening national translators and organisations is the way forward, to partner with us.

Sign up to pray or give

Watch this video about From the Prayer Chapel

Consider supporting one of our newest members through prayer or finances

Peter & Fleur

8-boal-familyPeter and Fleur are committed to working with the broader team to assist the global work of Bible translation. They will do this by leading ‘Into Africa’ and other short-term trips designed as taste-and-see and service opportunities. Pray for or support Peter & Fleur

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Nathan & Libby

8-nathanlibbybinns-excerptNathan and Libby (Elizabeth) live in Perth. They are planning to be involved in Bible translation somewhere in southern Africa. Pray for or support Nathan & Libby

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Aidan & Alfinda

8-herman-pd-family-photoThrough college Aidan was convinced that he would give his life to the ministry of God’s Word. Alfinda’s faith grew exponentially through university ministry and she desired to be part of God’s kingdom work. They are pursuing their call to Bible translation work in a minority language. Pray for or support Aidan & Alfinda

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8-huglin-pd-card-photo-excerptApryl provides member care through the Personnel Department at Wycliffe’s National Centre. This includes offering encouragement, support, practical and spiritual guidance and debriefing to members both on the field and whilst on furlough. Pray for or support Apryl

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Sav was often asked, ‘Why put yourself through such torture?’ He was motivated by the need for God’s Word to be translated into the almost 2000 languages that don’t have even one verse of Scripture. Only God knows what the harvest will be, from the seeds sown at meetings along that seemingly endless highway from Cairns to Stanthorpe, from radio interviews, articles in print, and of course, from this book.

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STOP PRESS: Sadly, Andrew passed away in France on 9 October. It has come as a shock to family and colleagues. Please be in prayer for wife Helene and family.

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