A message to our Wycliffe family

Thank you for standing with us practically and in prayer as we continue to operate in this most uncertain of times. We are all dealing with new ways of living and no part of the world will remain untouched. For those who have lost jobs or businesses or even loved ones, we grieve with you and pray for you. Our hope is not in this world because we have a good father who carries us in the difficult times and promises hope and a future for those who love him.

I just want to give you a brief update on our response to the coronavirus as of 26 March:

    • On 18 March, all of our overseas missionaries were urged to return to Australia in accordance with recommendations from the Australian government. We understood that many are working in such isolated locations that coming home would be more dangerous than staying where they are and so we respected their decision either way. In the end we had about half decide to return home and half decide to stay where they are. All of them have been through a difficult time of firstly decision making, then saying goodbye, and then planning how to get through the next several months. We will be supporting all of them throughout this time in any way we can and we know that most of our members also have very supportive churches, friends and families.
    • Wycliffe Australia will be operating more ‘virtually’. Our on-centre staff will have the option of working from home or from their offices (observing appropriate social distancing) and our off-centre staff will work from home. All of our members no matter where they are will still need help from our Finance office and our Personnel office to get through this crisis.
    • Our work overseas will continue in new and creative ways during this temporary disruption. We expect our home-based members will use whatever technology is available to connect with their overseas partners and support them in the work, albeit remotely.
    • The National Centre at Kangaroo Ground in Melbourne is closed to the general public. We ask you not to visit at this time even if you have friends here.

    These times will pass but the impact of the virus may well reach beyond just the physical consequences. My prayer is that many will turn to God in their distress and become part of a kingdom that is eternal.

    Grace, Peace and Blessings to you all.


  • Max Sahl
    Wycliffe Australia
    70 Graham Road
    Kangaroo Ground Vic 3097

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