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by Barry Borneman | Wycliffe Today – October 2018 (PDF) | ABOVE PHOTO BY MARC EWELL


The Kingdom of God celebrates the intrinsic value and potential of every person. Salvation in Jesus Christ is offered to all. The Holy Spirit resides and empowers God’s people without distinction and all are invited to participate in his mission.


These fundamental truths can easily be forgotten in the world of cross-cultural mission. In subtle and not so subtle ways, Westerners can hold or portray a personal attitude of superiority. The underlying assumption is that because of our education, training and resources we know best how to do Bible translation. For this reason, the church and colleagues in the countries we serve may work for us, or even alongside us, but not actually take the lead for the cause of Bible translation.

Today, however, gifted local leaders are impacting the Bible translation movement right across the world. These leaders are seeking mission partners who don’t come with answers but come to listen to their ideas about how God is leading them, and to pray with them.

For Wycliffe Australia our question is: How might we best support you and your plans?

When we take this attitude, new creative possibilities emerge and the reward for pooling our talents is potentially tenfold or even one hundredfold.

In this edition of Wycliffe Today we share stories of local leadership and the increasing involvement of the Indonesian church with their vision for Bible translation. These are exciting times.

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