Editorial from the CEO

by Barry Borneman | Wycliffe Today – June 2018 (PDF) | ABOVE PHOTO BY LISA VANDEN BERG


People are at the centre of Wycliffe’s service – people who are created and loved by God, people who suffer from the consequences of sin and evil in this world, people who are redeemed and invited to take their place in God’s kingdom.


Being involved in Bible translation means being involved with people. In this edition of Wycliffe Today: Serving God, serving people (PDF) we take a look at how being embedded in the life of another community sometimes leads our members to serve in ways they might not have expected. Des and Jenny Oatridge’s story highlights this beautifully. It is this connection within a particular local community and a willingness to listen that shaped Greg Conwell’s views on how he could contribute his skills and resources in a practical way through the Wycliffe Relief and Development Foundation. It is open eyes to the specific needs of the women in the Aiyura Valley that moved Dr Carl Luther to take action.

Wycliffe’s focus is Bible translation and making disciples of Jesus through the translated Scriptures. As disciples we are always open to the ways the Spirit might lead us to share God’s love wherever we are.


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