April, 2019

Story the Bible – Mansfield, Brisbane

April, 2019

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Everyone loves a good story – and the Bible has some of the best stories in the world!
Telling dynamic Bible stories is …

  •  an excellent way to share the Gospel
  •  a wonderful tool for engaging a Youth Group
  • an enjoyable way to dig into the Scriptures in a Home Bible Study
  • a child-friendly approach to family devotions, and
  • an effective method of planting Gospel seeds in receptive hearts.

Wycliffe Australia has been holding Story the Bible workshops in Queensland for ten years, and over 600 people have enjoyed learning how to craft, tell, teach and discuss stories based on the Word of God to people who, in many cases, would not read or engage with it in any other way.

• learn and tell Bible stories
• teach Bible stories to others
• facilitate Bible studies using stories
• use Bible stories in ministry

The next Story the Bible workshop in Queensland will be held over three weekends in April:

  • 5/4/2019 Friday evening
  • 6/4/2019 Whole Saturday
  • 12/4/2019 Friday evening
  • 13/4/2019 Whole Saturday
  • 22/4/2019 Monday – practical story telling at Redlands Easter Family Festival

The three weekends are all part of the whole, and each part builds on those before it.
People attending are expected to attend all sessions.

A comprehensive manual, a text book, lunches and morning and afternoon teas will be provided.

Cost: $160 per person, or $280 for a couple sharing textbooks. People registering at least one month in advance (i.e. by 5th March) will receive a discount of $20 per person.

For further information, please either subscribe to updates below, or contact Francois van der Walt on 0419 623 397 or by email.