15-19 Feb 2021

Worldwide Wycliffe– Wycliffe Member Orientation

15-19 Feb 2021

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Who was John Wycliffe and why was his name used to reignite the Bible translation movement? What is the difference between Wycliffe and SIL? What are the latest translation, literacy and Scripture engagement trends? What are my strengths and how would I work best in a multi-cultural team? Where do I best fit into the Bible translation ministry?

Worldwide Wycliffe answers all the questions above and introduces the world of Wycliffe to new Australian members and volunteers. Whilst we run the workshop for those starting assignments, we welcome anyone wanting to better understand the history and ethos of our organisation and partners.

Course topics
1. History of Bible translation
2. Organisational structure and ethos
3. Introduction to Wycliffe Australia National staff and departments
4. Introduction to SILA
5. Insight into the latest translation, literacy and Scripture engagement trends
6. Multi-cultural teamwork and personal resiliency
7. Regional office resources

The workshops are located at our National Centre, Kangaroo Ground.

Accommodation is available at www.wycliffe.org.au/retreats.

Courses dates for 2021 are:
15-19 February 2021

Cost: Single $80 Couple $110

For more course details see our brochure or contact:

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Woody Baker, National Training Coordinator