Encounter Culture

Most of us, when confronted with something that is ‘different’, have an emotional reaction to it, and inwardly think of it as ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’.  This creates a hurdle, even if sub-consciously, to befriending people of different cultures when we are wanting to share the gospel with them.

Encounter Culture

Wycliffe’s Encounter Culture course helps people develop a non-judgemental attitude to other cultures, a positive cultural curiosity,  and an appreciation of all people. Through the five weekly sessions and four practical exercises you will:

  • Progressively unpeel the ‘onion’ model of culture starting with the outward visible layer of behaviour,
  • Learn how values influence and determine behaviour,
  • Dig deeper to learn how beliefs drive values, and
  • Consider what is real beyond the physical realm – what one’s worldview is.

Maximum benefit is gained from this course when participants pre-arrange to meet with a person from another culture to go through the weekly practical exercises with them.

Wycliffe offers this course to help churches in their role of ministering to people they enounter daily, in the increasingly diverse cultural landscape that Australia is becoming.

If you would like to host an Encounter Culture course in your church or ministry group, we can help!  Contact the Encounter Culture Coordinator, Gary Peterson, for more information.


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13 Jan - 7 Feb 2025


13 Jan - 7 Feb 2025

Expand your cross-cultural possibilities with our language and culture course!

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