The John Drama

The John Drama is a dramatisation of the whole of John’s Gospel by a cast of 15 ordinary Christians, where the words Jesus speaks are taken directly from the New Living Translation of the Gospel of John. It has been performed in several churches in Brisbane and also at the Mt Tamborine Easter Convention in 2021.

The John Drama is done as ‘theatre in the round’, with the stage in the middle and the audience in concentric circles around the stage. The action moves from in front of you to an aisle behind you, and sometimes right beside you. Audience members cannot escape the events being portrayed in the Gospel drama!

The CEO of the Mt Tamborine Convention wrote, “It was excellent. ‘Theatre in the round’ offers a visual and aural experience that sometimes stage productions lack. I know that my children (13 years & 8 years) are still talking about it – they seemed to learn so much.” A member of the Mt Tamborine audience said, “The circular seating created a sense of being a part of the story as opposed to just watching a performance. The performance was an incredibly powerful and moving way to present the Gospel.”

A tool for churches: Wycliffe Australia sees The John Drama as a tool that churches can use for both disciple-making and evangelism. As the actors prepare for the presentation they internalise the whole of John’s Gospel. And audience members who are not believers hear the gospel through the story. One church leader said, “Before I saw The John Drama, I did not know that the gospel could be presented in such a clear, accurate and engaging way.”

A member of the Mt Tamborine audience wrote: “It was amazing!! Very, very impacting on young and old! A wonderful presentation of the gospel and a great tool for churches.”

The John Drama is something that any church with a vision for discipleship and outreach can sponsor.

John Drama website introduction video


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