South Pacific Bible Forum Nadi Fiji, 12-14 November 2019

One example of the increasing desire of mission agencies to work better together was the South Pacific Bible Forum, held in Fiji for the first time in eight years. It was a special time for Bible-based ministries and missions to get together and talk about common topics including Bible translation, new technologies, Scripture engagement, and training. The event was organized by Wycliffe Australia, Bible Society Australia and SIL Pacific Area.

The agencies and countries included:

  • Wycliffe Global Alliance: Australia, Tonga, New Zealand, Fiji, Solomon Islands, PNG, Vanuatu;
  • Bible Society: Australia, USA, South Pacific, New Zealand, Fiji, PNG, New Caledonia;
  • Summer Institute of Linguistics: Vanuatu, Australia, Solomon Islands, and International leadership team;
  • CWCI: Australia, New Zealand;
  • Other: Faith comes by Hearing, Megavoice, Jesus Film Project, Worldwide Evangelization Crusade (WEC), and Homes of Hope.

From the participants:

‘Just great to meet so many passionate stewards of God’s Word and realise we are not alone.’

‘I enjoyed the discussion groups very much, especially the chance to understand more about the different ministries and organisations that were represented, which really helps with ideas around collaboration and networking.’

‘This was a great exercise. Now it is important to see the actions that will flow from this.’

‘Great seeing the body of Christ come together with passion to advance the Bible translation work to meet the demand out there!’


We have Memorandum of Understandings with 10 other organisations relating to facilities and personnel. These include World Evangelisation for Christ, lobal Recordings, Scripture Union NT, Pioneers, Mission Aviation Fellowship to name but a few.

Connecting with different mission and Christian groups:

  • Pacific Bible Forum
  • Kartidaya, Indonesia (English immersion)
  • Institute for Bible Reading in the USA to help promote Bible
  • Australian Centre for Mission Aviation’s aviation camp
  • Missions Interlink, Wycliffe members involved in many ways
  • Mission Matters, Queensland (Wycliffe helped in planning and running)
  • Reachout Conventions, Katoomba and Manning Valley NSW
  • Youth For Christ – Wycliffe member on YFC Board and YFC CEO on Wycliffe Board
  • Scripture Union North West Creation Care Camp
  • Global Records Network – Wycliffe member on GRN Board and GRN leader on Wycliffe Board
  • PWMU Victoria (Presbyterian Women’s Mission Union) attend AGM every year
  • Belgrave Heights Convention
  • EMDC (Eurasia Media Distribution Conference)
  • ICCM (International Conference on Computing & Mission)


Impact Report 2020 (webpage) Full Report (PDF)

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