Impact Report 2021

In Matthew 4:4, Jesus reiterates the biblical truth that ‘people do not live by bread alone; rather, we live by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord’ – Deuteronomy 8:3 (NLT).

At Wycliffe Australia, we are committed to partnering with the worldwide body of Christ to reach out to anyone who hungers and thirsts for righteousness through the life- giving Word of God. We want to see people from every language group living as disciples of Jesus Christ through the power of Scripture in a language that speaks to their hearts.

The year 2021 was another year of seeing God move in remarkable ways through Bible translation projects – but this time he did it in unexpected ways. When I asked our language teams to report on their activities for 2021, I was amazed at what was achieved in a year when most people worldwide were either locked down or had their movements severely restricted. By inputting the teams’ activity reports into a ‘Word Cloud’ program, we began to see the incredible amount and diversity of the work completed. I am excited about the creative new ways that our members are engaging with minority language groups around the world that need God’s Word.

Word cloud

Full Report (PDF) ACNC Annual Reports

Partners in prayer

Wycliffe Australia depends on God through prayer. We are committed to corporate prayer (Mt 18.19-20) that is targeted (2 Cor 10.4-5) and embraces unity (Jn 17.21-23). Together with other Bible translation ministries, we helped to host the Global Family 24/7 Prayer Room from 1 January (and have since launched Unceasing Prayer for Bible Translation).

In October, we joined Illuminations Asia to host monthly prayer for Malaysia. In November, we commenced weekly prayer meetings to end Bible poverty in Papua New Guinea. Together with four other Bible translation organisations that mobilise prayer for PNG, we have produced prayer profiles for 78 language groups in PNG that are without Scripture in their language. Ten of those groups were not being prayed for but now so much prayer is going up to our Father for each of them! Praise God!

Social Media

Wycliffe Australia sees social media as an important tool for reaching and connecting with different audiences. The total Facebook reach for 2021 was 14,215 – an increase of 20.6% on 2020.

Lisa shared: ‘Thank you so much! LOVE THESE. Treasured truths etched in our hearts to help us grow in God and in godliness. God bless each of you for all you do.’ Rachel also mentioned: ‘These are so good. I’d love to have them all and be able to put them on my desktop while I’m teaching Christian Studies on Zoom.’

Mission Possible!

Mission Possible conversation bubblesWycliffe Australia launched a new event in 2021 to connect with young adults and get them excited about Bible translation. Wycliffe members share and answer questions about their experience of Bible translation. Three Mission Possible events were held online via Zoom in September, October and November, with around 20 participants at each event.

Mitch is a young adult who attended the first Mission Possible. He said: ‘Thank you, Wycliffe people, for the awesome night of fellowship, prayer and learning! Thanks to Ross and Lyndal for presenting! Can’t wait till the next one!’

Another participant, Jude, also shared: ‘I’m not a young adult (in body) but I am interested in this event so I can share more with my church about what Bible translation looks like.’

Annie said: ‘I really enjoyed hearing from Ross and Lyndal about challenges in the translation process to take into account, and from Jared and Bethany about how they are looking forward to translation in Vanuatu.’

Growing opportunities in South Australia

Growing opportunities in South AustraliaAfter Ian Hutchinson returned from Wycliffe assignments in Papua New Guinea, he felt called to help fill a need and represent the work of Wycliffe throughout South Australia. Ian shares:

In 2021, I began my role as the South Australian Representative for Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia. I had opportunities to share about the work of WBTA in 20 churches, with church groups and university students. I also met with many members in SA, past and present. It was pleasing to hear people say: ‘We need to translate the Scriptures for every remaining language group, so that Jesus will return!’ (Matthew 24:14).

Translation Treasures 30 Apr 2022Over 30 people came to our October Translation Treasures meeting to hear Audrey* share about her translation consultant work in Asia. One attendee said, ‘It was great to see pictures of the people she is working with so I can know who I am praying for!’

It is a joy for me to thank some of the many people who have faithfully supported our members over many years. My primary goal is to raise up a new generation of workers and supporters who will assist the church in sharing God’s Word with all people, to bring back the King!

* Pseudonym used for safety purposes

Getting creative with Bible storytelling workshops

Wycliffe Australia’s Story the Bible workshops equip participants with skills to use Bible stories in mission, ministry and everyday life. In response to COVID-19 lockdowns, Keith Benn developed a comprehensive online correspondence course for Bible storytelling. During 2021, 16 people registered for the course, bringing total registrations since mid 2020 to 40. Four students finished the course and were awarded certificates of completion.

There were eight students who attended a three-day Story the Bible workshop via Zoom. In November, 19 participants attended a face-to-face Bible storying workshop – about half of them in preparation for the K2K study tour in Israel. Michelle was a recent participant who shares: ‘After joining Story the Bible with Wycliffe … I want to engage with people and share the Bible with them in an uncomplicated way through stories.’

By Peter O’Loughlin

Mini-Bible celebration

David and Ming Fang with children at the Mini Bible celebration

In 2021, David and Ming Fang Strickland were delighted to help celebrate the launching of the Anmatyerr Mini Bible – something they had been working on for the past 18 years. It was published with the help of The Bible Society and dedicated in four communities. Ming Fang says that the MiniBible feels like a ‘new milestone’ for the Anmatyerr people.

The Mini-Bible launch led to requests from many ladies to start a Bible study and begin audio translations. Ming Fang shares:

‘We would like to add of Luke and Acts so we will have the whole recording of the Mini-Bible. We want every Anmatyerr person to know the Bible is there for them to use.’

Thanks for your patience...

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