Advocacy – K2K brings the Bible to life

K2K Autumn 2022In January 2022, Wycliffe member and SIL International translation consultant Keith Benn organised and led the Wycliffe Australia Study Tour of Israel. With many participants from Africa, the tour was aptly named ‘K2K’: Kilimanjaro to Kapharnahum.

The group faced a number of challenges, including many of the visas arriving at the last possible moment and half the group testing positive to COVID. Despite the setbacks, the tour enabled international translation consultants and trainees to see the Holy Land and understand more about the history, geography and culture of biblical times to help them in the accuracy of their translations. As many participants shared, the Bible truly came to life during the trip.

You can read more about this tour in the Autumn 2022 edition of Wycliffe Today:

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