New doors opening for Chinese speaking churches

Wycliffe Australia has teams that promote Bible translation and recruit Australians to join the work but there are also representatives who focus on diaspora language groups. Chul-Hwa and Kyung-Ja Chung connect with Korean communities and church leaders, while Jessie Wei represents Wycliffe among Chinese speaking communities living in Australia.

In May 2023, 15 Chinese church and organisation leaders were invited to visit Wycliffe Australia’s National Centre in Kangaroo Ground to hear about opportunities to partner with the work of Bible translation. As a result of their visit, three people applied to Wycliffe’s volunteer program and are now helping in advocacy and translation roles. Another 35 Chinese Christians attended a one-day workshop in October, resulting in one new volunteer for SIL Australia.

Jessie shares her excitement about the new doors opening up to work with Chinese communities in Australia:

God has prepared people’s hearts to join Wycliffe Australia and serve him together. What a comfort and encouragement!

Thanks for your patience...

Waiting is hard, isn't it. But imagine waiting 2000 years for Scripture in your language! Thanks for your patience. And thanks for your generous support which will help bring the long wait to an end...