Iranian Christian diaspora serves Farsi speakers worldwide

It is in the context of the Ayatollah’s Iranian revolution of 1982, and the subsequent persecution of Christians that the translation of the modern Farsi Bible was birthed. As Christians fled as refugees and added to the multilingual Persian diaspora in the UK, a new opportunity presented itself. Refugee Christians from Iran formed Elam Ministries UK. In cooperation with Bible agencies, the long journey began to translate the Bible for a new generation of Farsi speakers. The full Bible was dedicated in the UK in September 2014 with great joy.

The Farsi Bible now has a worldwide reach. In Iran, the Scripture is being received with gratitude by a growing Iranian church. Amongst the Persian diaspora, it is foundational to a surge in interest amongst Iranians wanting to know more about Jesus and Christianity. Dislocation, multilingualism, and great faith under persecution are factors in this significant story.

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This story is from Wycliffe Today – February 2018 Edition

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