Deb Tan

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Latest Updates from Deb Tan

02 April 2017

Kartidaya is currently overseeing Scripture translations into the heart languages of 44 people groups. Another 10 language communities are waiting to have translation started in 2016, with 81 to go to reach 125 languages for Kartidaya’s Vision 2020. Read more about Kartidaya

09 March 2017

Our October Newsletter can be read here:

08 March 2017

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02 March 2017

This project is now fully funded for 2017! We received this from our NITI colleague, Ed Condra (head of the NITI Project):
‘Thanks very much for this welcome news. It seems often in life the Lord doesn’t show the way too far in the future, asking us for our trust. It is a welcome difference in those times when he shows us he is far ahead of us, already straightening the way out ahead of us as we seek to be about his business. So, very welcome news! Thanks.’

02 February 2017

Jesus said that a hard road lies ahead for those who choose to enter the narrow gate. Young Bible translation trainees in South Asia are learning this Scriptural lesson for themselves as they put their training into practice.

Representatives from four isolated language groups regularly attend training workshops in literacy, community health and Bible translation. Their skills and enthusiasm are vital to the spread of the gospel message in the local languages of this region. In between workshops, they travel to reach out to churches in other villages, share Bible stories, and meet with church elders.

Not everyone is supportive of their efforts, however. There are those who question their motives. Some argue that they should be trying to get a ‘proper education’ rather than working in translation. Others do not even allow them to sit with regular members of their congregation.

These students are facing big challenges as they devote themselves to the call of Christ in South Asia. Your encouragement through prayer and financial support will help them persevere as they bring the truth of God’s Word to their own people in their own language.

02 February 2017

Thank you to financial supporters of this project in 2016. Some of that support allowed Michael Corden, translation advisor, to give away over 70 Yumplatok Bibles at a Christmas outreach event in Townsville last year.

Michael shares a testimony from this event:

During the week before Christmas I gave away over 70 Yumplatok Bibles at the ‘Stable on the Strand’, a combined churches Christmas outreach in Townsville.

About three weeks later, I received a phone call from an Islander lady in Rockhampton, Ada, who had left the Torres Strait as an 11 year old. When Ada was in Cairns for Christmas, she had received one of the Bibles as a gift from a friend who had collected one in Townsville.

Ada told me that she had had some initial difficulty reading it because she was focusing too much on English spelling. She gave it to her teenage daughter to have a read. Having grown up in Rockhampton, her daughter’s first language is English and she has a passing knowledge of Yumplatok. When she started to read the Yumplatok Bible, she said to her mother, ‘Hey mum, this is so easy to read and it’s much more clear than English.’

As a result of the excitement of her daughter and her own increasing ability to read it she went to the local Christian book store and ordered 20 more copies so that she could send them to her extended family in the Torres Strait and elsewhere!

It’s exciting to see what happens when the Lord takes over. Isn’t God good!

Praise God that all 70 Bibles were able to be given to Islanders. Pray for these people who have taken copies and for those in the Torres Strait who read the article that more doors will open.

31 January 2017

Meet two of the key leaders of Vanuatu Bible Translation, Kalite Tamau and Joshua Jimmy

02 November 2016

Education and training opportunities abound in Australia, so we may find it hard to imagine the challenges faced by minority language communities around the world. These include low literacy levels, constant health issues due to inadequate medical care and education taught in a language other than your own.

We are so grateful for our many supporters who have helped resource our friends with training opportunities. Here are some responses from young people of the T* team who participated in the recent July training workshops in literacy, community health and Bible translation in South Asia.

Thanks for your patience...

Waiting is hard, isn't it. But imagine waiting 2000 years for Scripture in your language! Thanks for your patience. And thanks for your generous support which will help bring the long wait to an end...