Editorial from the CEO


Patience warns me against moving too quickly to meet a need, as if ‘meeting needs’ is the primary reason for our relationship. Patience allows me to go deeper and hear first-hand from leaders what their personal and organisational challenges are.

Prayer moves us to see partners as colleagues, friends and even family. It acknowledges that we together belong to an eternal Kingdom. Praying for leaders of Wycliffe Global Alliance organisations changes how I personally, and Wycliffe Australia, respond.

For the last nine months I have been praying each morning for national leaders and their organisations, from the Prayer Chapel at the Wycliffe National Centre. Prayer has always been central in the life of Wycliffe Australia, so this is not new.

The change has been to not pray for myself, our members, or Wycliffe Australia’s programs but to pray for national leaders and their vision. This experience is changing me and my relationships.

I sense that relationships are deepening across South Asia and the Pacific, and clear actions are resulting. We have recently concluded a wonderful time of fellowship in Melbourne with leaders from South Asia and PNG, and we have heard of renewed vision and passion.

Prayer and patience are important in all levels of our work. They are not just relevant for the CEO, or organisational relationships, but are equally relevant at the ‘village’ level, in individual translation projects and in the office. As you read what has been achieved through Wycliffe Australia in the last year, please know that raw statistics do not define our success, though we report on those outcomes (Impact Report). What matters more is how we relate and work together for God’s Kingdom.

This editorial is from Wycliffe Today – July 2017 Edition (PDF)

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