Language Survey Worker



We are looking for someone to participate in field research to help assure the availability of situational information (information concerning languages, peoples, and/or organisations and institutions in a geographical area) of which they have particular knowledge. This is a long-term position.


  • Work on a team to conduct primary social, linguistic, and sociolinguistic research
  • Work on a team to accurately and systematically record and report data
  • May also gather secondary data from libraries, the internet, knowledgeable people, and journals
  • May write up research.


  • High school or equivalent level, completion preferred
  • Working competency in language(s) used on the job by survey team and/or supervisor
  • Working knowledge of national and local context and/or organisational or institutional policies


Please contact us to discuss any training plans. Future training pathways will take into account any previous training and work experiences as well as your intended duration of service. Flexible options are available including online and on-field training.

  • A minimum of two years (or equivalent) at Bible college
  • One year training at SIL Australia including the six weeks’ language and culture training called Launch
  • Orientation workshops, held at our National Centre in Kangaroo Ground, Victoria
  • Practical and hands-on training and field orientation to be provided by survey team members

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Language Survey Worker

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