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Australia is home to many distinct language groups. Will you accept the challenge to serve the Indigenous people of Australia so they can benefit from God’s Word in the language of their heart? We need well trained people with a clear sense of God’s calling who will dedicate their time, their skills and their hearts to partnering with local churches and seeing the people of Australia have access to His Word.

Works with speakers of a language to gather and analyse language data, and (in conjunction with the appropriate authorities) to develop a written form for the language, utilising any previous studies that have been done.
• Learns to speak the language and to relate well within the culture.
• Is involved in program planning.
• Is also involved in exegetical preparation and works with others to translate Scripture into the language, also to check translations and to test these translations with speakers of the language.
• Participates in checking the translations with translation consultants.
• Trains national co-workers in exegetical skills, in translation principles, and in linguistic awareness, with the goal that national colleagues will take an increasingly responsible part in the translation process.
• Recognises, encourages, and nurtures potential Christian leadership from within the language group.
• Seeks to work in partnership with local people to the maximum extent possible in every aspect of the project.

• University-level degree or equivalent academic credentials.
• An M.A. in linguistics, in biblical studies, or a related field, is often an advantage, although not an essential initial qualification.
• Good understanding of the Bible, with a basic knowledge of at least one Biblical language.
• Exegetical skills. One to two years of biblical studies (or equivalent) is recommended.

Bible College Training
A theological degree at Bible college

Language & Culture Training
One year at SIL Australia

Orientation and other training
Orientation workshops, held at our National Centre in Kangaroo Ground, Victoria

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Linguistic/ Translation Worker

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Waiting is hard, isn't it. But imagine waiting 2000 years for Scripture in your language! Thanks for your patience. And thanks for your generous support which will help bring the long wait to an end...