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Do you know when to pull out a combination square rather than a framing square? You must have valuable experience in construction and maintenance! Have you thought about using your gifts to serve overseas? We’re looking for a Maintenance Manager to supervise or perform a variety of important tasks to keep up our buildings in Cameroon. Please contact us!

SIL Cameroon


  • Supervises or performs activities such as painting, making minor structural repairs to masonry and woodwork, and repairing fixtures
  • Supervises temporary or permanent assistants, assigning tasks such as cleaning or polishing, and monitoring performance to specified standards
  • Requisitions repairs of building utility systems such as electrical wiring and controls, heating, ventilating and cooling systems, and plumbing
  • Makes recommendations to administration regarding safety and security measures, and ensures established procedures are followed
  • Plans periodic maintenance of heating and cooling units and fire protection systems.


  • Background in construction and maintenance
  • Some management experience helpful.


Please contact us to discuss training plans that include

  • Some type of language and culture training course
  • Orientation workshops, held at our National Centre in Kangaroo Ground, Victoria.

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Maintenance Manager

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