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Before a language translation project can begin, work needs to take place to investigate the viability of the translation and the needs of a language community.

Effective language development requires a clear understanding of the sociolinguistic environment and the means to assess the effectiveness of language development activities.

We are looking for people to research current and future patterns of language use, in order to understand translation needs for particular groups. You may be working alone using secondary resources, or also doing research directly with Indigenous language speakers


  • secondary language research including gathering and assessing published data, and collaborating with academics and other experts
  • for some projects, design and undertake primary language research including developing relationships with Indigenous people and churches
  • researchers who would be willing to transition into a translation advisor role are preferred for primary language research.


  • minimum of one year (or equivalent) at Bible college
  • one year at SIL Australia
  • on-field cultural orientation
  • orientation workshops, held at our National Centre in Kangaroo Ground, Victoria

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Sociolinguistic Research - Language Survey Workers

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