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Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia is searching for an IT support person with systems administrator experience to join the US-based Teamwork Library Consortium (TLC) and work remotely from Australia. You will work with TLC staff to maintain and upgrade the TLC central catalogue database (Koha), which is essential to its functioning. The role requires knowledge of programs involved in making the library system run. This database is vital to the running of the SIL Language and Culture Archives.


  • maintenance of the Koha software
  • work with TLC Admin Team
  • collaborative initial setup of libraries
  • development of the Koha software


  • Systems administrator experience
  • knowledgeable in relevant programming languages including Linux (Debian), MySQL, Jquery, XSLT, CSS and Perl (see Koha support page
  • ability to apply security patches
  • basic interaction with the Koha Development Community
  • ability to help maintain Koha upgrades
  • prior experience with Koha is desirable
  • willingness to gain in-depth expertise with Koha
  • learning to customise Koha
  • being a part of the Koha community e.g., contributing to Koha patches and sign-offs, contributing to code for future functionalities/features

Orientation and Training:

Orientation workshops, held at our National Centre in Kangaroo Ground, Victoria.

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Teamwork Library Consortium IT Support

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