Power in the Word: Moba literacy classes

Wycliffe Today  June 2020
Djadame is an apprentice seamstress. She comes from a poor family in Ghana and was only able to attend school in French for two years. Djadame explains how an opportunity to attend a Moba literacy class in her village has brought enlightenment and transformation to her life:

I am very happy to share my joy with you over the benefits obtained from literacy. Given my very low level of French, I could neither read nor write, though my profession demands it for note measurements and writing the names of my clients. I was worried about how I would be able to accomplish my job as a seamstress if I was unable to read or write. God heard me and a Moba literacy class was opened in my church last year. After only four months of classes, I can now take my clients’ measurements and also write down their names. I also read with ease and understand the word of God in Moba, to name just a few blessings. I sincerely want to thank those who have allowed me to benefit from these blessings. May the Lord continue to support you so that others may also benefit through literacy like me.

Are these classes affected by COVID-19 social distancing?

There are plans to teach a new group of literacy students this June, although the new restrictions may stop them from meeting in person. Thankfully, Moba classes from last year were almost completed and leaders were trained to teach a new group of students. There have also been lessons recorded on SD cards which means that materials can be copied onto individual mobile phones and students can be trained outside a classroom context.

What are the current needs for the project?

This literacy project has a profound impact on communities, enabling men and women who have never had a chance to go to school to read the Bible and other books fluently, to help their children in their studies and get paid professions with their new reading and writing skills. Despite the possible restrictions, literacy classes will still be going ahead, albeit possibly in a different format. This may mean that running costs may be reduced so any additional funds raised will go towards next year’s budget.  

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Thanks for your patience...

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