15-22 August Prayer Words

One of the things I’ve noticed from the kind of prayer requests we are receiving is the ‘see-saw’ effect. On the one hand, we have the cancellations, the postponement of events, the inability to finish that precious translation work we thought we would have finished by this year. On the other hand, we see the way the Lord is working, regardless of COVID-19 and the plans we may have had.

Take for instance the Gergiko New Testament dedication in Chad. My husband has been working on it for 27 years. The translation is now complete and the New Testaments are stored in our kids’ old bedroom in the village waiting for a celebration service and distribution…but until just recently, the churches couldn’t even meet, let alone receive them. On the other hand, the Lord has been moving through house churches, the New Testament reading app, and soon through an audio app.

As you read through the prayer requests this month, consider the ‘one hand versus the other hand’ to remind you how God can take a difficult situation and turn it around for his glory. Let the Holy Spirit guide your prayers as you bring each item before the throne of God.

15. The Democratic Republic of Congo is facing ongoing civil unrest which is affecting our Congolese and SIL colleagues and friends. Pray for the Lord to bring peace to this nation, and for the church to remain strong in their faith and witness.

16. Give thanks for the success of SIL Australia’s online Master’s intensive The Gospel, Cultural Anthropology and Ethnographic Methods (6-10 July). Pray that those taking the course for credit will find opportunities for their research project soon.

17. Jared and Bethany have recently become Wycliffe members. Pray for them as they raise a network of people to help provide prayer, encouragement and financial support. Pray that God will help them discern how and where to serve him.

18. There are some Australian translation teams whose projects are on hold because of their inability to travel to their host countries, and several Scripture dedications are also on hold. This carries a level of grief. Pray that the joy of the Lord will be their strength (Nehemiah 8:10).

19. Today is World Humanitarian Day. Pray for Wycliffe Relief and Development projects caring for people who have faced unimaginable hardships. May they experience the love and compassion of Jesus through the kindness they are shown.1

20. Please pray for the various WBTA plans that are currently on hold, such as travel or events. Praise the Lord that he can see the full picture and redeem any missed opportunities for ministry in his time.

21. Jason and Karen Griffiths (SIL Pacific Area) ask for wisdom and grace as they plan activities and events for 2020 and 2021, many of which may become online meetings.

22. Many Wycliffe Australia staff are working from home. Pray for them as they fulfil their roles while being mindful of their mental, physical, emotional and, most of all, spiritual health.

1 For more information:

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