Praying for people in sensitive or challenging settings

‘I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth’ (Acts 13:47, NIV)

Translation is in progress for more than 400 people groups whose homelands are in ‘sensitive’ regions. These are areas of the world where political, religious or cultural situations require extra care. Daily living in these places can be extra challenging. Here are some ways you can pray for people who live and work in such regions:

Isolation & discouragement

  • In difficult locations, security issues and cultural sensitivities can result in a sense of isolation. Workers may not even be able to relate openly to each other, and can become discouraged. Pray that people in such situations will be able to sense God’s closeness, love, encouragement and strength.

Family challenges

  • Families living in challenging locations often face difficult choices regarding children’s education. Pray that their children will adapt well to new situations. Pray that women will find ways to cope and know they are valued in cultures where females do not have a visible public role.

Finding mother-tongue translators

  • Educational, economic, cultural and political issues often make it very hard to find people who are able and willing to become translators of their own language. Translation work can stop for long periods while teams wait for a suitable person. Pray that God will raise up committed mother-tongue translators.

Visa & legal issues

  • It is sometimes difficult for foreigners to obtain visas that will allow them to reside in a country or stay long enough to work with locals. Pray for peace and perseverance for those living with ongoing uncertainties. Pray for favour in the eyes of officials as workers face national and local legal issues that can affect their travel and work.

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