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The Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association (BTA) is an indigenous organisation committed to translating the Bible into the languages of their country. BTA has a new generation of leaders and has just released an exciting new strategic plan to accelerate the rate of translation in the country. Wycliffe Australia is emphatically committed to BTA and its leaders, and has identified Next Step as the department that will be responsible for the relationship. We expect that there will be a range of areas where we can help to strengthen BTA as they exercise their faith to establish themselves on a stronger domestically-oriented financial footing, and revitalise a number of translation projects that are not progressing strongly.

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Funds to this Next Step partner will be part of the overall target for Next Step Development.

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Latest Updates from BTA PNG (NSD Partner)

14 May 2018

The relationship between the Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association (BTA) and Wycliffe Australia is one of our most cherished and strategic. It is an exciting time as we are now collaborating in a number of areas. Wycliffe Australia CEO Barry Borneman recently returned from Ukarumpa where he facilitated a program planning course for 15 BTA language program coordinators. These people, who are key links to BTA translation programs, really enjoyed Barry’s practical and simple approach to planning. Plans for the remainder of the year are focussed on helping BTA to achieve goals in their strategic plan. This will include assisting BTA to re-energise a number of translation projects that have stalled for various reasons, enabling two BTA staff to study at SILA in Australia, and sharing skills in the areas of IT, media, finance and human resources between BTA and Wycliffe Australia. Our commitment to BTA is one of our largest in many ways and your financial support for this project has farreaching effects.

05 November 2016

The request for Wycliffe Australia to invest in mentoring Barton Maino, Business Manager of Bible Translation Association (BTA) of Papua New Guinea, was a direct response to the question of what is that next step for BTA and how can Wycliffe Australia be a partner in that. Read Barton’s story as business manager of BTA

Thanks for your patience...

Waiting is hard, isn't it. But imagine waiting 2000 years for Scripture in your language! Thanks for your patience. And thanks for your generous support which will help bring the long wait to an end...