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In this multi-year project, a team of local Lama translators in Togo is making steady progress at translating the Old Testament into their language.

The Lama New Testament was dedicated in 1995. An Old Testament translation project was started in 2000 in cooperation with the local church association, the Bible Society of Togo, and SIL. The translators have all received training through SIL; two have done special programs in Jerusalem, and one at his denominational theological college. This entire Bible project, including a revision of the New Testament, is just a couple of years from completion.

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Latest Updates from Lama Old Testament Translation

15 February 2023

The Lama translation project is nearing completion. The work is currently focusing on ensuring the technical correctness of the text. Several read-throughs (readers’ workshops) are planned to make sure that any typographic errors are found. Other issues may be discovered in this process. One of the Lama translators reports:

“During the readers’ workshop, I felt great joy in having done the work of translation with the other translators. There is little ambiguity in the text and the translation is very expressive. When I hear people read the message, it moves through me and penetrates. The others say that they have felt the same thing. The readers make comments and indispensable suggestions. Their remarks have led us to revise certain verses. I am frankly content with our work. I thank our financial partners.”

05 November 2021

The book of Jeremiah was consultant-checked in January, and the book of Ezekiel in May. The Old Testament books are now all completed, and the team has begun to work on the harmonisation of the materials and names, etc that are shared by the Old and New Testaments. Lama local residents and those in the diaspora are impatiently awaiting the Lama Bible – people regularly ask about when it will be completed.

The Lama translation team was able to translate materials related to COVID-19 prevention. These included texts for billboards and posters, as well as instructions for washing stations. They also translated trauma healing materials for use in the community to support those who have been impacted by the effects of COVID-19.

Thanks for your patience...

Waiting is hard, isn't it. But imagine waiting 2000 years for Scripture in your language! Thanks for your patience. And thanks for your generous support which will help bring the long wait to an end...