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Training National Leaders in Papua New Guinea



23.5% of $66,000 at 30-May-2020

Project 8833

Wycliffe Next Step Development partner, Bible Translation Association of Papua New Guinea (BTA), has reported encouraging results after reaching 2018 targets for training and consultant checking. The team created a range of printed materials and raised over K25,000  (A$10,400) at regional events to support translation projects. They have also produced a promotional video and are expanding their online and digital presence.


In 2018, BTA visited two locations in PNG to start reactivating dormant translation projects, with plans to visit ten more locations in 2019. The desire to re-energise these projects is reinforcing the need that BTA is aware of, to expand the number and capacity of local leaders. How can we equip leaders to ensure the long-term sustainability of BTA? An exciting pilot program being trialled in Australia this year plans to address this need.


Higher Level Training


Many of our partner organisations have been devoting thought and prayer to the issue of how to provide higher level training. Training needs to be culturally appropriate, pitched at the right level, and designed to provide appropriate tools for the future leaders of the translation movement in the Pacific. That’s where the new training program comes in.


This year, two senior translation staff from BTA will study with SIL Australia and Melbourne School of Theology. They will undertake a diploma course which includes subjects developed specifically to train translators from non-English speaking backgrounds. SIL Australia is covering academic costs and Wycliffe Australia will provide for accommodation and living expenses of the students, plus one spouse.


For visa reasons, this is structured as a full-year, eight subject program, and these students have not studied at this level of intensity before. Please pray for the students and their families. We also encourage you to financially support the program by giving to this Next Step project.


Total A$66,000 annually for BTA

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