MTS-Wycliffe apprenticeship

Are you interested in doing full-time ministry? Having an experienced Wycliffe mentor walk with you as you get a taste for ministry in different contexts could be just the thing for you.

MTS-Wycliffe apprenticeship

If a person wants to be a farmer… they need to head off first to a farm and work alongside an experienced farmer for a couple of years… to live through a couple of cycles of the seasons… to know what it is like to deliver lambs in the middle of the night, harvest grain before it is destroyed by rain, and grapple with the blurred boundaries between work and rest. Ben Pfahlert, MTS Director

When setting out on something new, there’s nothing quite like having someone to show you the ropes. Jesus himself taught by example as he did life with his disciples.

We are excited to announce a new joint venture between Ministry Training Strategy (MTS) and Wycliffe Australia designed to allow people interested in exploring full-time ministry to get a feel for mission work in both church and cross-cultural ministry contexts.

Under the supervision of an experienced Wycliffe mentor, you will develop a holistic, biblical view of cross-cultural mission through a range of ministry training modules and opportunities for practical service.  The apprentice curriculum covers eight key areas:

  • Bible study
  • Thinking theologically
  • Prayer and godliness
  • Relationships in ministry
  • Evangelism and world mission
  • Teaching the Bible
  • Training others in ministry
  • Leadership

You will develop leadership qualities by working alongside mission leaders and experiencing short-term mission trips connected to the work of Bible translation. You will develop the skills necessary to effectively share about mission work in the local church.

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Find out more by reading this brochure or checking out the MTS website.

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