The Plum Tree in the Desert

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The plum tree in the desert: ten stories of faith and mission to inspire you

by Naomi Reed

How do you share the gospel in locations where it could land you in jail … or worse? If you can’t explicitly tell people about Jesus, does that still count as ‘doing mission’? Are all the money, time, prayer and energy still worth it when ministry plans come to a sudden end? Is God still at work when everything seems to be falling apart?

Naomi Reed tackles these questions, not with essays or refutations, but with stories of those who have lived through them. Reed’s warm and vivid storytelling brings you with her as she meets with Interserve mission workers and gathers up stories and lessons learnt from years of service in difficult places.

Learn of a couple who were kicked out of their mission fields twice. Grieve with a cross-cultural worker whose homeless brothers and sisters died in heartbreaking circumstances. Feel the weight of tragedies and trials that come one on top of the other.

As you read these stories, you will ask hard questions, clench your fists, and perhaps cry. But you will also marvel at God’s remarkable work in the most unlikely circumstances. Be challenged to reevaluate what makes mission work ‘successful’, with the humble realisation that our work in the Lord is never in vain. He is the one in charge of his mission.

Whether you’re a sending partner or supporter, preparing for cross-cultural ministry, serving or returning from mission work, these stories of faith and mission will inspire you, just as Naomi Reed promises.

Reviewed by Alfinda Herman (Wycliffe member from Perth, preparing for service among the Roma people in Macedonia)

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