Waiting Well with Jesus

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‘Good grief does not just happen. Good grief is intentional.’

How can grief ever be ‘good’? This new devotional from Lyn Wake helps readers to use their tears to draw nearer to Jesus. After losing her beloved teenage daughter Bethany to brain cancer, Lyn cried out to God for help. As she accepted Jesus’ invitation to journey with him through the grief, she experienced how to wait well with him.

This devotional journal is the resource Lyn wished she had in her deepest grief. Each week has a different word to reflect on, along with personal stories, Bible references, journal reflections and a prayer, which gently help us to draw nearer to God who understands our pain.

In the midst of our heartbreak, Lyn tenderly reminds us of our breath-taking inheritance in Christ, discovering rich treasures along the way that can only be found through a costly veil of tears.

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