Anchors in the storm

By Max Sahl | WYCToday_mar-2020|


The disciple Luke tells two remarkable accounts of survival at sea in the face of a storm.

In the first account the disciples are in a boat on the Sea of Galilee when a sudden and violent storm threatens to sink the boat.  The disciples decide to wake Jesus up saying, ‘Master, Master, we’re going to drown!’ Jesus gets up, rebukes the wind and the raging waters, and the storm subsides, and all is calm.

In the second account, they are on a much bigger ship which is caught in a storm.  This time the ship takes a violent battering for 14 days, nobody is able to eat during that time, and all the cargo and tackle is thrown overboard as the crew awaits their inevitable death by drowning. Eventually the boat hits a sandbar and the stern is broken to pieces by the pounding surf. Somehow, everyone makes their way to shore, many by clinging to planks and other pieces of the wrecked ship.

In each story, all the passengers make it safely to shore. So why is it that God sometimes allows us to go through such terrible storms in our life? Why can’t we just wake up Jesus and get him to make everything calm?

The latest stories we will be featuring look at ways in which God has strengthened and sustained Wycliffe members in their ministries throughout difficult times. We pray that you will be encouraged and reminded to trust God and his Word as the steady anchors in whatever storms you are facing.

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