Where are they now? Deb Tan

Wycliffe Today – June 2019 (PDF

If you’ve had any connection to Wycliffe Australia over the past eight years, it’s likely that you would know Deb Tan. Originally from Malaysia, Deb studied Pharmacy in Tasmania and worked as a Pharmacist in Adelaide before moving to Melbourne to consider how God might use her for his purposes. Deb is a woman of many talents who wore many hats during her time at the National Office in Kangaroo Ground. These roles included Personal Assistant to the CEO (2011-2013), Missional Management for youth and young adults (2015), Communications Manager (2016-2017) and ad hoc communications work.

Deb says that there are many wonderful memories from her time at the National Office. She shares:

When I think of my highlights, I think of people, but I can’t name everyone here. I really enjoyed working with Barry (CEO). I loved his enthusiasm and I appreciated his trust in me to try new ideas – such as Wycliffe’s 60th campaign, Hope Festival. I also really enjoyed working with Dave Wake. We had a lot of fun coming up with creative ways to talk about Wycliffe.

Where is she now? Deb is currently working part time as a Communications Officer for a public health organisation located in Footscray and studying part time at Whitley College. Deb says that her time at Wycliffe has helped her transition to her current role:

Every experience provides us with different skills to take to any new situation. My experience in the public hospital system made me aware of the complex ways the public system runs. Being Communications Manager provided me with the chance and opportunity to think about how communication strategies and goals feed into the bigger picture of the organisation. God uses every experience to lead and shape us.

Deb is still in the middle of studying a theological degree but she is open to whatever the next step in her journey will be. Please pray for continued guidance as she prepares for the future.

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