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We are looking for Victorians who would be willing to connect with our Wycliffe members who are working cross culturally, some within Australia and others in various locations around the world.

If you are a person of faith in Jesus Christ and feel you have the time to commit to keeping in touch with the person/couple or family, to listen to them, encourage them, and pray for them, we’d love to hear from you.


  • Connect with the member approximately once a month to check in on how they are going and build a relationship with them. This can be through emails, phone calls, zoom connections or even taking them out for a cuppa or meal every so often – if they are living nearby (paid for by Wycliffe).
  • Respond to their emails and newsletters in some way.
  • Be willing to connect with the Regional Wycliffe Membercare coordinator to share any necessary information including concerns.
  • Pray for the member and encourage them through Scripture or emails.


  • A love for people who serve the Lord
  • A desire to support the work of Bible translation by being involved in this way
  • A personal faith in Jesus Christ
  • Reliable and committed to blessing other believers


  • Some biblical training
  • Orientation workshops, held at our National Centre in Kangaroo Ground, Victoria

This is a home-assigned role in the Personnel Department. You may work remotely.

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Wycliffe Member Carer

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