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If you had to guess what Wycliffe Bible Translators is about, you would probably most likely say ‘Bible translation’. Some of you may add ‘working in different languages’. If you’re really in the know, you might even mention ‘literacy’ or ‘activities that encourage the use of Scripture in the mother tongue’.

All those answers are right, but they only really answer the what part of the question. We’d like to share with you the why – what really makes us tick.

717 languages with a complete Bible – 5.75 billion people

1582 languages with a complete New Testament – 830 million people

1196 languages with some translated Bible portions – 457 million people

828 languages have work in progress – 67.6 million people

1892 languages need translation to begin – 145 million people

1.51 billion people, speaking 6661 languages, do not have a full Bible in their first language.

2217 languages in 147 countries with active translation or preparatory work begun – 1.1 billion people

145 million people, speaking 1892 languages, still need translation work to begin

Ever wondered how your Bible came about?

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