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Calabazas and the gospel [2:12 min]

Love a good story? One of our members shares what stories mean to her, and why it matters to hear a story as important as the gospel in a language you understand well.


Listening to the Bible in another language can sound like gobbledegook! A person’s language should not be a barrier to them hearing the gospel message…

EVERY [1:20 min]

Jesus invites everyone into his kingdom. The team at Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia believes that everybody should have the chance to hear the Good News of Jesus in a language that they understand best.

Languages Languages - Kid 2

Languages, Languages and more Languages [4:31 min]

Have you ever wondered why we need to do Bible translation? With over 2000 languages still with no Scripture, there are many opportunities to serve in a vast variety of roles so people can experience the power of God’s Word in a language they understand best.

Gergiko [4:55 min]

With limited knowledge of translation, the Mukulu people of Chad had already started translating the New Testament into their own language, Gergiko, before the arrival of David & Elly Sharp in 1992. Through facilitation and partnering with the Mukulu people, not only has the New Testament been translated, but they also have an alphabet, a written language and a literacy program. The New Testament will be dedicated sometime in 2020.

Catching a Vision for Bible Translation [4:56 min]

‘Bible translation is a community movement, it’s a community effort. You cannot do it alone.’ Tony Kotauga Director PNGBTA. Discover how the church in Papua New Guinea is catching a vision for Bible Translation as they partner with PNG Bible Translation Association.

The Bible Banquet [1:52 min]

Imagine you’re at a banquet but it’s not food or drink – it’s a Bible banquet. There are 7,099 guests representing each language of the world but at one end of the table there is abundance whilst at the other there is no single verse of Scripture.
How would you feel about a God who doesn’t speak your language?

Wycliffe according to kids [2:53 min]

A child’s perspective is often refreshingly insightful and different to that of adults. It can also bring a grin to our faces. With that in mind we asked some of our Wycliffe kids about what their parents do in Wycliffe.

The Road to Transformation [4:10 min]

Translation teams exercise great care in the rigorous and complicated process to translate God’s Word into a language that doesn’t yet have it. Watch an overview of the tasks involved, and learn how each project presents unique challenges and incredible rewards.

Thanks for your patience...

Waiting is hard, isn't it. But imagine waiting 2000 years for Scripture in your language! Thanks for your patience. And thanks for your generous support which will help bring the long wait to an end...