7 - 25 Mar 2025

Good News Chibemba

7 - 25 Mar 2025

Story the Bible Seminar:
Train a group of Bemba pastors to train others in the skills of Bible storytelling.
Accompany and assist Bemba pastors as they train members of their congregations in Bible storytelling.
The Matthew Drama:

  • Train a cast of Chibemba speakers to perform The Matthew Drama in the Chibemba language.
  • Train the same cast to perform The Matthew Drama in English.
  • Train a Zambian to become competent as a Gospel Drama director.


  • Registration (non-refundable): $500
  • Accommodation (in Zambia): $400
  • internal travel: $200
  • Airfares and insurance (approx): $3700
  • Total (expected): $4800

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Contact Keith Benn for further details and for application form