Just a drop in the ocean?

During a mission trip 27 years ago, Matthew* was first introduced to the need of Bible translation in his own country. At that time, there were an estimated 250 languages needing translation in this strategic South Asian country.

Confronted with this enormous need, Matthew wondered, ‘If I committed my life to Bible translation, what difference would this make? It’s like a drop in the ocean.’

God was gracious. Today, he testifies to the goodness of God in his life and his family. Both he and his wife were personally involved in the translation of the New Testament for the J people, dedicated in 2016.

As the Director of a leading Bible translation organisation in South Asia, Matthew now meets and encourages many others who are starting off in their journey as translators, just as he did all those years ago. There is much to celebrate but also much to be done in this diverse and incredible country, with over 470 unique language communities.

Through friendship, Wycliffe Australia is privileged to be a small part of encouraging these young translators. It might seem like just a drop in the ocean in the face of the immense need, but every drop creates a ripple.

*Real name withheld for security reasons

Read about the NT dedication:

This story is from Wycliffe Today – July 2017

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