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Are you excited about seeing national translators succeed in translating the Bible into their own heart languages? Would you like to come alongside them and support their work with your knowledge and skills? In the Sandaun Province of Papua New Guinea, there is a group of eleven language communities who are receiving God’s Word in their own languages for the first time. Mother tongue translators are working together across different dialect and language family boundaries to receive training. They are also learning to grow as trainers themselves, and to encourage one another in the Bible translation movement.

Translators from some languages are without a Translation Advisor, making it very difficult for the translations to continue. You could be the one to equip these translators and enable their language communities to continue receiving God’s word in their own languages. We are looking for well trained people with a clear sense of God’s calling who will dedicate their time, skills, and hearts to the task of training others. Are you flexible, spiritually resilient, and do you have the ability to work with a team to accomplish a task? If so, this could be the job for you.


• work closely with mother tongue translators from two of the related languages
• actively engage local translators in the translation task
• equip the translators to work interdependently and to become trainers themselves
• facilitate the typesetting, publication, and distribution of Scripture portions
• learn one of the languages
• train and facilitate speakers to gather, analyse, and share language data
• learn to relate well within the culture
• communicate social and spiritual values
• assist the team in project planning.


• university-level degree or equivalent academic credentials
• certificate in Linguistics or equivalent
• M.A. in Linguistics and Biblical Studies would be an advantage
• exegetical skills, knowledge of a biblical language and good understanding of the Bible through Bible college training
• good physical condition
• flexible
• teachable
• ability to teach others
• team worker.


Orientation workshops, held at our National Centre in Kangaroo Ground, Victoria. You will also be able to study for one year at SIL Australia. Eastern College Australia offers studies in biblical and linguistic undergraduate and graduate level courses. See

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Aitape West Translation Advisor, PNG

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