Practical Blessings

Looking for practical ways to encourage people and make a positive difference during this time? Why not consider doing some of the following:


1. Call your elderly neighbours, church members and missionaries

Check in on those who may be isolated and feeling lonely to let them know that you’re thinking of them and that they are not alone.


2. Send cards of appreciation to your local hospital

Doctors, nurses and hospital staff have been worked off their feet trying to prepare for the expected spike in virus patients. Receiving something that says they are appreciated reminds them that their valuable work has not been forgotten amid the chaos of hoarding and uncertainty.


3. Give blood

An additional 14,000 blood donations are needed in Australia over March-April and this will increase in the winter months when the needs increase. If you are young and healthy, find a local blood donation centre with the Australian Red Cross
For the latest Red Cross coronavirus statement:


4. Follow the advice of healthcare workers

The advice is fairly clear: ‘flatten the curve’ and stop the virus from spreading by staying at home, washing your hands thoroughly, sanitising surfaces and maintaining a social distance of 1.5 m between you and others.


5. Show your appreciation to supermarket workers

Give the manager or workers at your local supermarket a box of chocolates or some hand-made cards to let them know they are doing a great job despite the abuse and crazy times they have had to endure recently. If you don’t feel comfortable giving cards in person, you can post them or contact the store via their website or social media page.


6. Join a community group to see who has needs in your local area

If there is not already a group you know of, you might like to set up a WhatsApp group with your neighbours so that you can contact one another if anyone has any needs, especially if someone is in self-isolation.


7. Send a care package to a Wycliffe member

Many mission workers throughout the world have had to come back to their home countries during this crisis. As a result, many of these individuals and families are now in isolation and may be finding it lonely or difficult to get supplies. Consider making a care package or writing a card of encouragement to brighten their day. For more information, contact our Member Care team.

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