Crack the code – Pitjantjatjara (Australia)

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  • Pitjantjatjara is spoken by people over a large area of Central Australia stretching from Finke on the edge of the Simpson desert in the East to Wingellina over the border into Western Australia, from Yalara on the Great Australian Bight in the South to Alice Springs in the North. Ayers Rock (Uluru) is owned by Pitjantjatjara people.

    Study these Pitjantjatjara sentences and their translations:

    1. Nganana Areyongalakutu anu. - We went to Areyonga.
    2. Ngayulu Areyongalakutu anu. - I went to Areyonga.
    3. Nganana Areyongalanguru pitjangu. - We came from Areyonga.
    4. Tjana Ernabellalanguru pitjangu. - They came from Ernabella.
    5. Areyongalakutu ara! - Go to Areyonga!
    6. Paluru Areyongalakutu ananyi. - She is going to Areyonga.

    Now work out which word or part of the word means:

  • See if you can write the Pitjantjatjara for:

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