Bible storytelling bearing fruit

Wycliffe Today Autumn Edition 2024

In Nairobi, while team leader, Malcolm Barker, trained a second cast to perform The Matthew Drama, the rest of the Australian team were involved in a Story the Bible Teacher Training Seminar at the Africa International University. This was attended by Bible translators and 10 pastors from two different ethnic groups, who went home to teach the seminars in their own languages. Benson is one of the pastors who attended. He shares how the training is now bearing fruit in his village and beyond:

We had training here about Bible translation and how to use Bible storytelling in a very simple way. It has been of paramount importance to me and to the entire church. I was informed about how to preach the Word and to tell a Bible story from a different perspective. So I thank those who have organised the Bible storytelling because it has been of great help to the church.

On Sunday, I started using the storytelling techniques in the church and the elders there were very much amazed and excited to see that their pastor has gone to another level [of understanding]. So I thank you, brothers and sisters from Australia, for bringing this teaching to us through brother Keith. May God bless you now very much. If time allows you, and the opportunity, you can have a time with us so that the gospel of Jesus Christ in our place may grow even deeper in our lives and the church.

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