Stephen has been working with the Wedau and Topura translation teams, translating God’s Word into their closely related languages, since 2007 (1st under VITAL then independently). The Wedau team worked on a fresh translation and the Topura team are labouring to bring God’s Word into their language for the first time.

Since 2016 Topura drafting continues with consulting completed on: 'the 5 Ts and Philemon' 2017; Luke 2019. John was scheduled for 2020 but hoping to do this in 2024 and 5 Epistles remain to be drafted (Romans, Ephesians, Colossians, Hebrews, 2 Peter) but much more checking remains. Death and injury has taken our two main translators and now new recruits are being trained for these last books.

The team is also working on creating worship materials. The Anglican morning & evening Prayers and Eucharist service book in Topura dialect will be dedicated to the memory of Wilkinson Duyuvina (dec. Aug 2020)

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Latest Updates from Stephen Emerton

16 November 2023

After a PNG trip in Sep 2023, we have completed a 1st draft of James and a back-translation of John in preparation for a future consultant check

14 July 2020

COVID-19 isolation is causing delays and Stephen and the team are reliant on the internet to keep the exchange of work going.

Thanks for your patience...

Waiting is hard, isn't it. But imagine waiting 2000 years for Scripture in your language! Thanks for your patience. And thanks for your generous support which will help bring the long wait to an end...