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Ambon Scripture Engagement Project



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The Ambonese Malay New Testament has been published and was officially launched in September 2022! But publication is not the end of this story. God has brought together an enthusiastic team of local Scripture engagement workers to promote the new translation and help people to use it and apply it in their lives.

The Ambonese Scripture Engagement team is passionate about seeing God’s Word at work among the people of Maluku. The team is highly sought after for their training workshops that are designed to meet the needs of local churches. Topics include trauma healing, parenting, overcoming addiction, using local language in ministry, conflict resolution and more. At each workshop the team teaches, prays and leads worship in Ambonese Malay, enabling participants to experience the impact of God’s Word in their own language.

An important part of their work during 2024 will be running a series of workshops to introduce the newly published Ambonese Malay New Testament to churches and showing how it can be used in teaching and discipleship.

2023 Update

The completion of the Ambonese translation of the Jesus film was a highlight for 2023. The Scripture Engagement team had previously worked on the Ambonese translation of the script and, in this period, worked with other partners to audition voice actors and record the film audio. The movie is now released to the public and provides a free contemporary audio-visual way to interact with the story of Jesus in Ambonese Malay. LPMI (the local Indonesian branch of Campus Crusade for Christ) in Ambon have plans for screenings and outreach and follow-up in dozens of locations in 2024. The Scripture Engagement team has also made good progress on Old Testament translation, particularly exegetical reviews and community testing of the translation of Genesis, and drafting of selected Psalms. This translation will be an important addition to the New Testament when it is completed and published electronically.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

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