God speaks Navajo

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by Ethel Emily Wallis

“Two unlikely players emerge as the heroes of this narrative: Geronimo Martin, a blind Navajo Indian and Faye Edgerton, a little white woman in poor health. Gifted and determined, from two different cultures, they prayed and persevered, and finally produced the Navajo New Testament in 1956. At a time when English was used in churches and schools, the Book was on trial. But within a few months, the edition was sold out and six more printings followed as Navajos welcomed God’s Word in a language they understood.

After Faye’s death in 1968 Geronimo worked with a Navajo-Anglo team to produce the whole Bible. It was published in 1986, after his death in 1984. Now widely used, the Bible has been revised and a new edition has been published by the American Bible Society for release in the summer of 2000. Faye’s dream, implemented by those she mentored, is now an eloquent reality.”

Follow the story through the work of Ethel Wallis, a long-term Wycliffe member, in this reprinted book of the documented story of the translation of the Navajo Bible, including additional insights, updates and people profiles that highlight what God has done in and through the Navajo.

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