Slices of Life

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Stories and Devotions from a Bible Translator
By Aretta Loving

“In some Slices of Life, we may feel more fear than peace, more worry than joy, but in every slice God remains faithful. It was God’s abundant provision that sustained Aretta Loving when she and her husband, Ed, answered God’s call to translate the New Testament into the language of a remote people in Papua New Guinea.

As the Lovings lived and raised their family among the Awas, they worked to find just the right words to bring the message of Christ straight to the hearts of this people precious to God. In turn, the language of a place where God wants us in his liver [loves us], where our words are on God’s ears [he hears our prayers], and where we carry on our shoulders [obey] God’s talk, brings us a fresh understanding of God’s character and the Christian walk.

Aretta’s experiences among the Awas as a missionary and mother are the basis for these insightful stories, essays, and meditations. Her down-to-earth devotions show us that in His perfect understanding of each of His children, God knows just how to speak the language of our hearts.”

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