Taking the Word to the desert people

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By Amee Glass AM

Foreword by Barry Borneman


What do faithfulness, patience and perseverance look like in cross-cultural mission? Amee Glass’s firsthand account of her own mission experience in outback Australia helps to answer that question.


In 1963, The Mission Council assigned Amee and her friend Dorothy Hackett to the Warburton Ranges in the central desert area of Western Australia. Forty-five years later, Amee, Dorothy and the Ngaanyatjarra people celebrated the dedication of the Ngaanyatjarra Shorter Bible.


This book chronicles Amee and Dorothy’s journey to learn the local language and translate the Bible. It also provides a glimpse into the interactions between the Ngaanyatjarra people, the Christian mission and the gospel. It is a fascinating read about the dedication and commitment of two friends who grew to love and be loved by the community. Among other things, it celebrates a people learning to read in their own language for the first time.


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