The Village Safari

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-East African Adventures-
By TJ Matthews

This series adds the unique experience of life in another culture to the classic ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ genre. Written by T.J. Matthews (a Wycliffe missionary kid) and based on real events, readers are invited to join in on the excitement and challenges experienced by T.J. and provides the opportunity for readers to grapple with the same decisions and consequences (real and possible).

Suitable for primary and middle school aged children or teens. These books are perfect for families to read together or to gift to a child.

The Village Safari

What does a wedding, a market, monkeys and biting ants have in common? They are all part of the everyday adventures of living in a village in Tanzania. But, the outcome of each experience is totally dependent on what you choose. Will you get to see the rest of the wedding service? Will you be attacked by monkeys? What adventures will you face as you spend your holidays with your Wycliffe friends in Tanzania?

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